Our Products

Chain Link Fence

We manufacture GI Chain Link Fence with new & improved feature of PVC coating. It improves the Life yet as appearance of Chain Link Fencing by preventing identical from being rusty & broken.

Chain Link Fencing is formed with PVC lined GI or ms, stainless-steel wires in dissimilar dimension in many tallness & span as per customers would like. Chain link fencing is ideal for fencing in grounds, dams & comes, tea & occasional gardens, to save lots of bank of rivers, Factories, dairy farm farms, poultry farms, guards of electrical motors etc. we are able to provide you Chain Link Mesh in dissimilar gap & dimension as per your condition in a particularly tiny age.

Chain Link Fence Dealers could be an extremely price effective perimeter protection resolution. It's factory-made from wire plain-woven into a diamond mesh pattern. The system advantages from sensible visibility and is budget on low to medium good once operating to is additionally a flexible resolution to be fixed that permits varied heights, security sites.

Our Quality

A stringent quality process ensures that our products are manufactured to world class standards. We, at Nirmala Industries, live this commitment to quality in our daily production.Such sustainable quality assurance is possible because we as a wire manufacturer are equipped with our own foundry and electroplating equipments. In addition our lab where the entire production process is centrally monitored enables to identify deviations in process that can be immediately rectified by our specialists.Another building block for constant product quality: Our use of exclusive virgin metals for the production of our precision wires.

Our Infrastructure

Nirmala Industries is equipped with State-of-the-Art machinaries and equipments. Our fully automated machines can be programmed to operate for hours which obviate manual labor and enhance the quality and the volume of production. Nirmala Industries warehousing facility capable of storing large quantities of raw material and finished products for long durations of time enables us to rapidly ramp up production and supply on demand.