We are one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of Fencing Barbed Wire GI Manufacturers. We offer a complete line of high quality fence systems in both traditional and unique styles. Our full line of products include vinyl, wood, ornamental, and chain-link fences and automated gates for residential, commercial, industrial, and high security applications.

Our Products

pvc coated gi chain link


Hot Dip Gal./Electro Gal./PVC coated Iron Wire


Chain Link is also named Rhombic Mesh, Diamond Mesh or Chain Link Fence. Woven diamond pattern of Chain Link provides strong, durable and flexible construction. The closely spaced diamond mesh construction gives your fence linear strength and springy texture to protect horses from injury and prevent predators from entering paddocks and pastures.


Chain Link is used as fencing for sports field, river banks, construction and residence, also as animal fencing.

Brief Info. Of Chain Link

Mesh Size :1/2Inch-6Inch

Wire Dia :0.30MM-5.0MM

Width : 0.9M-3.0M

Length : 15M

Packing : PP woven cloth/pallet or loose packing

PVC coated wire

Our company is providing GI and PVC coated chain link wire mesh, coated wire mesh, wire and concertina wire. These concertina wire have easy style and square measure very straightforward operational and maintenance.

PVC Coated wire may be a reasonably fashionable security fencing materials fictional with high-tensile wire. PVC Coated wire will be put in to attain the results of scary and stopping to the aggressive perimeter intruders, with piecing and cutting razor blades mounted at the highest of the wall, additionally the special styles creating ascension and touching very tough. The wire and strip square measure galvanized to stop corrosion.

The most common manner is that the wire material coated with PVC before Weaving (GAW), wherever the PVC coated iron wire is created into chain-link material 1st then weaved. Plain-woven diamond pattern provides robust, sturdy and versatile construction. The closely spaced diamond mesh construction offers your fence linear strength and live texture to shield horses from injury and forestall predators from getting into paddocks and pastures.

The salient features of our range include

Our Quality

A stringent quality process ensures that our products are manufactured to world class standards. We, at Nirmala Industries, live this commitment to quality in our daily production.Such sustainable quality assurance is possible because we as a wire manufacturer are equipped with our own foundry and electroplating equipments. In addition our lab where the entire production process is centrally monitored enables to identify deviations in process that can be immediately rectified by our specialists.Another building block for constant product quality: Our use of exclusive virgin metals for the production of our precision wires.

Our Infrastructure

Nirmala Industries is equipped with State-of-the-Art machinaries and equipments. Our fully automated machines can be programmed to operate for hours which obviate manual labor and enhance the quality and the volume of production. Nirmala Industries warehousing facility capable of storing large quantities of raw material and finished products for long durations of time enables us to rapidly ramp up production and supply on demand.